FR - FR1 90 - BLACK
    FR - FR1 90 - BLACK
    FR - FR1 90 - BLACK
    FR - FR1 90 - BLACK

    FR - FR1 90 - BLACK


    Suggested retail price : 339,90€/unit

    • REF: FRSK-FR190-BK
    • SIZE: 34-47
    • COLOR: Black
    • CUSTOM KITS COLORS: Yellow, Pink, Red, Blue, Light Blue, Orange, White, Black
    • FRAMES: 4D 273mm Black Frames
    • WHEELS: White Urban Speed Wheels 90mm
    • BEARINGS: FR Twincam MW9 Titalium Freeride
    • LINERS: Removable with removable shock absorbers
    • INSOLE: Premium Insoles
    • USE: Freeride, City Skating


    The FR1 90 will bring you everywhere with comfort and precision. With a perfect comfort, those skates have been re-thought to offer you the best stability and solidity possible. Perfect to improve your skating or to perform your best FReeride moves, the FR1 have all the required specs of a high quality skate.

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