To get the access for the CSV, please send us an email.

Here you can find more informations about our CSV stock-list and how to access it.

It is obvious that this information must not be shared outside of your company. 


This Stock file allows you to show “our” available stock on “your” website(s). 

You can sell all of our products catalog, without having to stock and invest on all our products upfront. 


The file is available 24/7 on our FTP server, and updated at 04:50, 07:50, 10:50, 13:50, 19:50, 21:50 & 00:50.

You can login and pick up this file manually to update your stock yourself on your site ; Or also/better program a task, for this data to be downloaded and imported automatically on your site. 

The file shows the following information : 

Column 1 : Item Reference

Column 2 : EAN Code

Column 3 : Purchase price ( NEW : WITH DISCOUNT !)

Column 4 : Available Stock (*WITH LIMIT !) 

Column 5 : Item name with attributes

Column 6 : Link to item picture

Column 7 : Item Brand

Column 8 : Main Reference



Skates are shown with a limit of 16 units per reference. 

Other products are shown with a limit of 80 units per reference. 

This means that if max units are shown, but you need more than shown, you may order your requested amount, and we might be able to deliver anyway.

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